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With a history spanning over 1500 years, chess still remains one of the most popular board games in the world. The pieces are distinctive and recognizable by everyone from the youngest child to the most mature adult. Chess sets are beautifully made for display or cleverly crafted for convenience. Through the test of time one thing has become certain, chess will never grow old. Whether you’re an avid player or a novice, a collector of unique items or simply decorating your home, nothing compares to owning a beautiful, personal chess set.


A good game of chess with friends or family is a memorable event. A day spent in the park enjoying nature and good company is a wonderful break from routine. Belonging to a chess club where you will enjoy the companionship of a classic game creates life long memories. Chess is a universal game that everyone can play, and everyone enjoys. Whether you need a set for travel, for outdoor play, or for your home, we have what you need.


Chess teaches strategy, tactics, and critical thinking. The joy of passing on a love of chess from parent to child cannot be overstated. We have several sets that are specially designed to make teaching fun and easy through the use of cards and tutorials.


If you’re looking to play at Grandmaster level, or just want a casual game, modern technology has created the perfect computer opponent for you. Opponents that learn your level of play and adjust their game to give you an appropriate challenge every time. Sets that let you play against people around the world and the board will move the pieces for you as your opponent plays on his or her phone. Or you can choose a set that will analyze your moves and give you tutorials to beef up your game. Computer chess sets have incredible diversity, and we carry the perfect one for you.


From the classic sets with wooden pieces to impact resistant plastic and silicone, we have them all. Stone that will be passed down from generation to generation.  Glass for that modern look. Metal for an air of permanence. Whatever look and feel you want, we have it here for you.


The classic Staunton chess pieces are not the only style people enjoy. If you want to do battle as a Jedi Knight, Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Batman, or other classic characters, we have just the chess set for you.


You can get the whole family involved with a 3-person or 4-person variant of the classic game. Now you don’t have to leave someone sitting at the side waiting for their turn to play, everyone can be part of the fun!

If chess in two dimensions isn’t enough of a challenge, we have 3-dimensional chess boards for you to enjoy. If even the addition of another dimension isn’t enough for you, try mobius chess to really bend your chess mind in new directions.

Whatever your chess needs, we have what you are looking for.