PC Game Faves – Heroes of Might and Magic V

Delores Keeper
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All right. Chess is not all there is to life, right. I love PC games, especially war games. The best kind of war games for me though are the kind that I can put on pause and walk away from. In today’s MMORPG world with many games only being playable in multiplayer mode, a good DMR free, stand-alone game is hard to find (I have to put a shout out here to Galaxy of Games for their excellent selection of DMR free games).

This week, it is Heroes of Might and Magic V. Released in the US and Canada in 2006 by Ubisoft, HoMM-V brought skill combinations to the game in a really great way. The graphics were a huge step up from IV. And there are 6 story-linked campaigns, each having five missions. It has simple but interesting resource development, and each of the races (or specialties) has a different special power that requires you to learn a new set of strategies to win the war.

HoMM-V Missions


I spent many hours on this game… and I am replaying it now. Why? Because I had to stop playing before I could finish the 5th and 6th campaigns. Life got in the way. But now I’m back and I am seriously enjoying The Necromancer campaign, romping around the world converting all of my enemies to minions in my undead army. Wish me luck as I work my way to the end of this classic, awesome game!