PC Game Faves – Star Trek: Timelines

Delores Keeper
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This game is available from the Microsoft store. It is written and maintained by Disruptor Beam who are also the creators of Game of Thrones Ascent (which ended on Jan 3, 2019 after 6 years) and The Walking Dead: March to War (which ended on Jan 31, 2019 after 18 months). I am a huge Star Trek fan when it comes to SToS, Enterprise, and STNG, I found DSN and Voyager to be a bit soap opera-ey, which didn’t fit in with my view of the Star Trek universe, so I didn’t follow them as avidly. This game though, has it all.

You will play characters from every ST show and movie. Different versions of each character according to when in the timeline they are; Spock as the science officer of the original Enterprise, Spock as the patient recovering on Vulcan, Wesley as a cadet, Wesley as a crew member, etc. It is a glorious tour of everything Star Trek and the premise is what makes it all possible, there is a time rift in the galaxy that is bringing together all of these different versions of characters from different eras.

The best part of the game is that it is not the same thing just done in a more difficult setting. You can fight space battles for glory, or to further your goals in solving a particular time anomaly. You can send away parties to gather specific equipment to improve your crew, or to further your goals in solving a particular time anomaly. You can take sensor scans, travel to different sectors of the galaxy to shop or do shuttle missions to solve a particular problem, and you can join fleets to work toward a common goal. The Galaxy Map lets you travel wherever there is a problem so you can work on it, and the Time Portal lets you trade in your Dilithium Crystals for boosts, crew, and other items. There are Daily Missions that you can fulfill, and special missions that give prizes for participating.

The game is very robust and offers hours of fun. If you find yourself in the universe of Star Trek Timelines, look me up. As you can see from the screen above, my captain name is Dante Corvinus and as of this date, Nov 27th, 2019, I am level 26.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!