The Quest for Wealth

Delores Keeper
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The Quest for Wealth

I read a very interesting statement today, “Wealth is the key to freedom. The pursuit of wealth is the key to slavery.” How true.

Making ends meet means having a job or running a business. You either dance to the tune of an employer, or you dance to the demands of your customers. Very few people are born into wealth, and fewer still aren’t captured by the need to keep that wealth intact, and so still are slaves to the pursuit of wealth. We all want wealth, but do we want to pay the cost of getting it?

“Making money is easy, you just have to devote everything you do toward that end.” Another quote that I read once. It’s true, there have been times in my life when I really wanted some expensive item and I devoted myself to the attainment of that item, and I got it. But it cost me.

I think that is why the lottery is so popular. The lottery represents freedom without becoming a slave to get it. The same goes for the Publisher’s Clearing House, Scratcher tickets, and any number of other get-rich-quick schemes. It’s the reason that scams having to do with free money are so successful.

A friend of mine once said, “The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math”. Essentially the statement is true, but it leaves out a very important reason the lottery is so popular; the lottery doesn’t sell winning tickets, it sells hope. We all hope we can get a free ride, we all hope we can sleep in tomorrow, we all hope that eventually, we can answer only to ourselves.

The quest for wealth is a serious business. I want to share one last quote with you before I go, “Be grateful for what you have.” And that is the key to peace.