AMBRIZZOLA Quadretti 29" Wall Chess Set, 22” playing area, 2.5” King


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AMBRIZZOLA Quadretti 29" Wall Chess Set, 22” playing area, 2.5” King


    • HOME DÉCOR: A beautiful addition to any room, smart and unobtrusive. A conversation piece for any living room, office, game room, or lobby.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT: Will stay on your wall with damage-free strips. Extra lightweight makes it easy to hang and move to accentuate different areas of your house or business.
    • LARGE PLAYING SURFACE: 22” of playing area means you can place and retrieve your pieces easily.
    • CHESSMEN: Hand-carved ebonized black and natural color boxwood pieces,with unique knights: King 2.50″(63mm), base:1.06″ (27mm) ,Queen 2.13″(54mm), Bishop 1.89″(48mm), Knight 1.85″(47mm), Rook 1.34″(34mm), Pawn 1.22″(31mm)
    • INCLUDED: A ‘Last Move’ piece is part of the set so that you can easily resume an unfinished game.
    • STAUNTON: The pieces are Staunton design so that there is no adjustment necessary to begin playing.


    No table needed and out of reach of children and pets. This chess set gives any room a unique look and feel. The board can be turned 90⁰ to be played top-to-bottom, or left-to-right.

    Made of solid pine wood, the eye-catching dark cherry brown finish of the set is an elegant, smart way to compliment any room. The ebonized black and natural color pieces will catch your eye every time you pass the set and will inspire your game. At home, it is a conversation starter and can be set with chess problems to discuss with friends or to ponder. At work, it is a statement showing sophistication that gives the right impression to clients and co-workers.

    Easy to assemble, and extra lightweight, this set can be installed on your wall without nails or with as you prefer. Damage-free strips will hold the set easily on your wall.


    Material:              Pine board, boxwood pieces, cardboard backing

    Dimensions:       28.7” x 28.7” x 1.8”

    Playing area:      22” x 22”

    Color:                    Ebonized Black and Natural Color pieces, Black Cherry board

    Weight:                7.05 lbs, shipping weight 9.1 lbs

    Manufacturer:  AMBRIZZOLA

    Model Number: Q29TBL6BR

    Designed and produced by AMBRIZZOLA Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.