BRAINS Magnetic Chess Set with 12.5 inch Foldable Chessboard


BRAINS Magnetic Chess Set with 12.5 inch Foldable Chessboard


  • STYLISH, PRACTICAL and GREAT DESIGN: This is an ideal chess set for learning the game of chess or chess training. Whether you are an experienced chess player or a new learner you will love the design. Black and white chessmen on a brown and white board make for a aesthetically pleasing design for the eyes especially after a long time of play.
  • A 12.5″ MAGNETIC BOARD: The chess board has a magnetic surface and the chessmen have small magnets at their base. This means that your chessmen will not accidently lose or be easily moved out of their position . A perfect chess board for any travels.
  • SELF STORAGE & PORTABLE:The chess board comes with ample internal storage space for the chessmen. SEE the PICTURE for an idea of how much space is within the board. So you do not have to worry about about where to keep the chessmen or losing the chessmen. When you see the space then you will understand why we say this is not just stylish but also practical.
  • DURABLE PLASTIC & A STRONG FASTENING MECHANISM : This rigid chess board is made of durable plastic so won’t break down on you and if you should drop your board it will almost be unmarked and almost unblemished. The strong fastening mechanism also helps to prevent the case from the opening while moving especially if dropped.
  • A FIVE STAR GIFT : A Board game that will keep players engaged & entertained. Give our board to your friends or children and see their delight. Chess is one of the most intelligent board games for two players in the world. This game develops logical thinking, intelligence & intuition. Chess is a game of kings. Everyone will be happy with this gift at any time of the year.

The Chess set is ideal for beginners, adults or kids that want a set they can practice with, without the need to spend a fortune. The size is sensible for all to play and the look and feel is well designed that you will be happy with the set.  Using HIPS plastic with fine texture means the chessmen are smooth and lightweight without feeling cheap and tacky.  When giving presents this is an important consideration for sure.

Why Bother Buying a Chess Set?

Many people just play chess online; however, it is more meaningful to use a three-dimensional chessboard regularly because real chess games in tournaments also take place on real chessboards and not online.


For beginners it is useful to buy a chessboard which shows the numbers for the ranks and small letters for the files. It is easier to learn to algebraic chess notation that way, something which is crucial in chess, especially if you plan to play in chess tournaments.

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY : We believe this chess set  represents really really really great  value for money and if you don’t agree or are disappointed in any way we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Just let us know and we will help you return the set.

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