GrowUpSmart Smart Tactics 16" Folding Chess Set - Standard Edition


GrowUpSmart Smart Tactics 16" Folding Chess Set - Standard Edition

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    • 16” x 16” board made from FSC-certified, New Zealand pine, and a basswood and walnut veneer top.
    • Folding board features a velvet-lined compartment and elastic holding bands for pieces to prevent damage.
    • Set includes two extra queens for convenient pawn promotions.
    • Instruction manual included along with an access code to an online video course for beginning chess players.
    • Tested and meets USA Toy Safety Standards so you can feel safe giving it to your kids.

    Product Description

    Chess is the standard of strategy games the world over. Many articles, studies, and experiments have been written and conducted showing that learning to play chess, especially at a young age, improves cognitive skills, memory, problem-solving, logical thinking, spatial recognition, numerical skills… the list goes on. There are numerous benefits to opening up the world of chess for your children.

    Along with a rule manual to reference, the Standard Edition GrowUpSmart chess set comes with an access code to an online video showing the game of chess, rules, and tips for beginners. Everything you need to start your kids out right, or, if you have never been introduced to the world of chess, this would be the perfect set to start with.

    The board features algebraic notation in letters and numbers engraved along the boarders to quickly learn and reference chess notation. It has a velvet lined interior with elastic holding straps to protect your pieces so that the set can last a lifetime. The entire set only weighs two pounds so it is easy for your kids (or you) to take to a friend’s house, or to school.

    The pieces are made in the standard Staunton design and included with the set are two extra queens for easy pawn promotion.

    Product Information

    Material:                              New Zealand pine, basswood, walnut

    Dimensions:                       16” x 16” x 1”

    Weight:                                2.1 pounds

    Shipping Weight:              2.35 pounds


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