Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 - Grandmaster Chess Computer

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Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 - Grandmaster Chess Computer


Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 – Grandmaster Chess Computer

Product description

The Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 by Chess Genius is the most powerful chess computer for sale. Software written by Richard Lang gives this set an ELO of over 2200 (over 2400 USCF rating); Grandmaster level (to learn about the ELO ranking, click here). Richard Lang wrote the software for the first computer that beat a world champion (Garry Kasparov) at a non-blitz time limit. This was in 1994, two years before Deep Blue.


Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 incorporates many ideas from customers that have resulted in additional functions, hardware, and software improvements.

  • Play White or Black
  • Move number displayed
  • Set up any chess positions easily for play or analysis
  • Chess clock / timer
  • Mate-in-X level to solve chess problems
  • Chess tutor to improve your game by alerting you to weak moves and warning of threats
  • Hint button for move suggestions
  • Take back option to let you experiment with various moves
  • Move function to force the computer to make the best move it has found so far
  • Info button that will show the computer’s thought process
  • Analysis mode to show analysis of positions, giving a score for which player has the strongest position
  • The Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 lets you choose from no library or either of two opening move libraries
    • The ‘Classic London Book’, with approximately 57,000 positions
    • The ‘Modern Book’, with more than 100,000 positions
  • Magnetic, felt-bottomed plastic playing pieces with 2.25” King
  • Significantly improved sensory chessboard
  • ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz processor for fastest play and deepest analysis of any chess computer for sale
  • 160 KB RAM
  • Thinks on your playing time to give a faster, more powerful response
  • Automatic power supply recognition
  • Sleep mode
  • Saves game in memory when turned off
  • The Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 has a playing strength of over 2200 ELO or 2400 USCF at highest level
  • Features a multilingual, text-based user interface in 7 Languages: German / English / French / Dutch / Spanish / Italian / Russian
  • Customizable playing strength suitable for beginning players to grand masters
  • 34 different levels settings in 4 categories
    • 9 Fun levels for beginners/novice players – The computer will often make poor chess moves, and dumb or stupid mistakes to give novice players a chance to learn to take advantage of such situations
    • 9 Blitz Countdown levels – All moves are made within the specified length of time (sometimes known as speed chess, or blitz chess)
    • 10 Average Time Per Move levels – ChessGenius makes its moves in the specified average time
    • 6 Tournament levels – The chess clock countdown shows the time remaining for the rest of the match, or until the next time control
      • Tournament levels one through three use the “Fischer chess clock” (each player has a fixed period of time at the start of the game and then a small amount of time is added after each move)
      • Levels four and five are played in “sudden death” mode (a set amount of time on the clock which is not added to)
      • The sixth tournament level uses the “classic” time controls that were previously the norm in chess tournaments (a set amount of time to make a set number of moves, if the number of moves is completed in the time frame, time is rejuvenated)

Backlit display, 1.5” x 1.75”, shows the entire chessboard. Board measures 7.9” x 7.9”. Set measures 12” x 11” (30 cm x 27.6 cm)

Requires 3 AA 1.5v Alkaline batteries (included) or AC Adapter (not included, AC adaptor Model M811 sold separately). Click here to see Millennium ChessGenius Adapter:

Product Information

Product                                                         Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812

Product Dimensions                                  12.1 x 11 x 3.5 inches

Item Weight                                                 1.98 pounds

Shipping Weight                                        2.69 pounds

Item model number                                 M812

Manufacturer recommended age       5 years and up

Batteries                                                       3 AA alkaline batteries (included), or AC Adapter (not included)