Quiver Chess Set Combination - Blue - Triple Weighted


Quiver Chess Set Combination - Blue - Triple Weighted


Designed specifically for club, tournament and scholastic players, this combination includes a set of Regulation Triple Weighted Plastic Chess Pieces, as well as our US Chess- branded Premium Vinyl Chess Board and Quiver Chess Bag, making it perfect for showing off your US Chess Pride!

This set meets all US tournament regulations.

US Chess Blue Quiver Set

Quiver Chess Set

This convenient and economical set is everything you need to play a game of chess – wherever you are! Each set includes a roll-up vinyl board, nylon quiver style archer bag, and a set of triple weighted pieces with extra queens.

Triple Weighted Chess Pieces

Triple Weighted Staunton Chess Pieces

You’ll love the black and white easily recognizable triple weighted chess pieces. In addition to the extra queens for pawn promotion, this set also features a regulation sized king (3.75″) and standard classic design. These pieces are made from durable plastic.

Vinyl Chess Board

20″ Vinyl Chess Board

This vinyl board has regulation sized squares (2.25″) with algebraic notation – rank and file labels – around the border for easy club or tournament play. It also has the US Chess logo so you’ll always be able to show your support.

When you first receive your board it’s always a good idea to roll it out and let it lay flat for a while and when you roll it back up for storage make sure the printed board is facing out. This will help your board lay flat the next time you play!

Quiver Bag

Quiver Chess Bag

This nylon canvas quiver-style bag makes it easy and convenient to take your set with you whenever you’re on the go! The board rolls up inside the bag, and the pieces fit inside the rolled board. Zip up the end, toss it over your shoulder with the handy strap, and you’re set.

Quiver Set Box

US Chess Set Box

If you want to easily store this set or give it as a gift, you’re in luck! The set also comes with a branded set box that can help you keep everything in one place.

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