No Stress Chess Set by Winning Moves Games; chess board, pieces, cards


No Stress Chess Set by Winning Moves Games; chess board, pieces, cards

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No Stress Chess Set by Winning Moves Games, 2-sided chess board, 32 pieces, 56 cards

Product Description

A revolution in teaching the game of chess, the No Stress Chess Set by Winning Moves Games makes learning chess natural and fun. The two-sided board features the initial position of pieces on one side with algebraic notation on both sides. The 56 action cards explain how each piece moves and any special abilities the piece has. Each card is fully illustrated for ease of understanding. The instructions give the rules of standard chess as well as the rules for all three levels of No Stress Chess.

There are three levels of play in No Stress Chess. In level one, you draw cards to determine what piece you will move. In levels two and three you have a selection of cards to choose from to decide which piece to move. This natural progression into the complexities of chess provides a learning experience that provides a complete understanding of the game. Best of all, the addition of cards puts a random factor into the game which allows even a beginning player to win on occasion as they learn. With the occasional win, new players are encouraged to continue. This is beginner’s chess the way it should be.


  • Instructions for three levels of play
    • Randomized cards
    • Three cards in hand
    • Five cards in hand
  • Full instructions for standard chess
  • Perfect for beginners to learn the game without stress
  • Enjoyable for advanced players because of the added risk (randomness) of cards
  • Chess encourages logical thinking, strategy, and problem solving
  • Cards are fully detailed with pictures and text
  • High-quality materials for long term play

Product Information

Manufacturer:  Winning Moves Games

Part Number:    1091

Weight:                1.45 pounds

Dimensions:       2.1 x 10.7 x 12.3 inches

Contents:            2 sided board, 16 black pieces, 16 white pieces, 56 action cards, black plastic card tray, instructions

Warranty:            1 year from date of purchase